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Micro learning

A large part of online students don’t follow the whole course but pick out what they need to learn. Support this with micro learning: small nuggets of learning to grab on the way. 


Support students learning by providing them with small nuggets of learning to grab on the go. These micro lectures are usually 5- 10 min. and consist of e.g. a video, a short text, some info graphics and maybe a quiz. It can also be a video combined with an online community where students can discuss the topic. The point is to define small learning parts that can be combined with other learning elements; both other bits of micro learning, classroom learning and peer-to-peer learning. Focus is on flexibility and individualism. Some students may want to discover more, some may need to revisit the material, all in their own time.

Next step in micro learning pedagogy is for students to produce learning packages for their peers. The level of learning rises with producing own material and most students actually find it is great fun.

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